III Somms "Amitie" Napa Valley Red 2005

Everyone who receives this email loves wine - or you would not have signed up on our list! And, most likely, you receive emails on a daily basis, from other sources as well, singing the praises of all sorts of wines from various regions. When something really intrigues you, you may order it. But many times, you probably show restraint, and let the offer pass you by.

Do not let this one escape you! We just tasted this wine last week. It is a wonderful,delicious, vibrant Napa Valley blend at just $16.99 per bottle! The wine is terrific with food, but is also extremely enjoyable on its own. And, not only is this a wine to stock up on, but it has a fun and impressive background as well!

The wine is the creation of three renowned sommeliers - Bernie Sun, Corporate Beverage Director and Sommelier for Jean-Georges Restaurants; Janet Pouchot, Sommelier at Restaurant Daniel; and Julius Chai, Maitr'D at Ciao Vito in Portland, OR and former Sommelier at Higgins and Arlington Club. These three incredibly talented wine experts are good friends, and set out to create a wine that is both extremely enjoyable, and affordable. They founded the company III Somms (Three Sommeliers) and created their first-ever blend, "Amitie". Their goal was to make a wine "good enough to be served at America's top restaurants".  The wine is even the house red at the Jean-George Restaurants!

The wine is comprised of 60% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Petit Verdot.

If there is one wine you don't want to miss - it's this one! Loved it - especially for the price!