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ETA Week Of November 16th, 2009

"...2007 promises to be one of the best vintages in the last decade." -
Robert Parker

Anne-Marie Astart sums up the good life in the following way: "Love what you're doing."

She and her husband Jean-Marie gave up their medical practices to work the land that she inherited some years back. She would tell you they have been worked off their feet, but the vines have more than compensated for their efforts.

And I would say, the wines have compensated for their efforts as well. They are some of the most fabulous Cotes du Rhones I have ever put in my glass.

What makes this wine different from other Cotes du Rhones?

I would have to say its sophistication. It has it all: rich, blackberry fruit with a roundness in the mouth and a fragrance which transports you right to Cairanne in the Rhone.

This wine is not heavy or over-ripe. It is just the perfect glass of Rhone wine. Bob and I lived in a small French village for a month last January and guess what wine we had delivered to drink all month. That's right. This Cairanne. We loved every drop of it and there was nothing left over.

But let's talk about this 2007 vintage. Wow! This means more of everything that makes Cotes du Rhones so fabulous: more sassy fruit, more lushness, more nose appeal.

Jean-Marie and Anne-Marie converted their terroir to agriculture biologique in 1999. They do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The vines are over 50 years old. The soil is stones and clays of different types. Jean-Marie built a new winemaking facility right into the hillside for natural temperature control in 2004. The cave uses gravity to get the grapes to the vats in very good condition and minimal damage. The place is eat- off-the-floor pristine.

These wines are not fined or filtered. The wine is aged for 12 months in Burgundian oak, not new. The cepage is nearly half Grenache accompanied by Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan, and Cinsault.

You don't want to miss this Cotes du Rhone and by all means you do not want to miss it in 2007. I am taking two cases for me. Cynthia Hurley

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Domaine Hautes Cances Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne Tradition  2007  

Domaine Hautes Cances Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne Tradition 2007

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