The Ancient Saumur Chateau above the Loire River


It's doing it again. I'll be out shoveling before long. It's late afternoon so I'm starting to think about dinner and what wine I'll be drinking and right now, I can tell you I'm going to grab a Saumur Champigny from the cellar. The 2007 has just come in and I can't wait to get my hands on that corkscrew.

It may seem strange to you, but Saumur Champigny is a wine that frequents my mind quite often, not just because it is inexpensive and I can afford to drink a lot of it, but because it is the perfect wine in so many ways: it bursts with 100% beautifully ripe Cabernet Franc fruit - sometimes in a wave of raspberries, has good acidity and rounded tannins. There is no wood in the elevage of this wine, it is raised in stainless steel tanks which give it its backbone of acidity and freshness.

What?! you haven't tried Saumur Champigny yet? Have you never been to Paris and bellied up to the zinc bar for a coup de rouge? You'll always find a Saumur Champigny on the wine list, often written in crayon on the mirror. But don't think just because you're nipping from your glass while you make dinner, you can't segue right into the main act with this bottle. Oh, yes! You will be charmed by how it talks to food.

Domaine Lavigne is located in the commune of Varrains. There are only eight other communes (because of their superior terroir) who can put Saumur Champigny on their labels. Varrains is about five minutes south of the town of Saumur, which is stretched alongside the Loire River.

Domaine Lavigne is a family operation and the Lavignes and Verrons are very serious about their winemaking. They have a new chai replete with many gleaming stainless steel tanks. They have invested in all the high tech gadgetry that is necessary to stay on top of their game. They run a very pristine operation. I've tasted a lot of Saumur Champigny and I've never found a better one than this.

Tonight! Saumur Champigny. As a reward for all that shoveling.

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Domaine Lavigne Saumur Champigny Rouge 2007  

Domaine Lavigne Saumur Champigny Rouge 2007

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