The wild St. Chinian vineyards between the sea and the mountains

Domaine des Jougla is located in Prades-sur-Vernazobre, a village of 200 people. The famille Jougla who has worked their property for many generations, makes a red St Chinian cuvee Ancestrale from a vineyard that is very close to the Mediterranean Sea.

St Chinian was awarded its own appellation back in the early eighties because of its superior soil (schist, clay, and limestone) and the passion of the winemakers there. If you talk to anyone about Domaine des Jougla, they will tell you the wines are a reference for the area.

Here's what Paul Strang (Languedoc Roussillon: The Wines and Winemakers) says:

"This is a typicite house, but by no means stick-in-the-mud; benchmark Saint Chinian, in fact. Spend a little time in the tasting room and you will find that most of the Jougla customers are relieved to find that Alain is not trying to achieve fifteen degrees of alcohol, that he is not over-oaking the wines, or aspiring to membership of the avant-garde. Rather, they have come to buy wines which flatter rather than kill food."

Cuvee Ancestrale comes from a vineyard that is very close to the Mediterranean Sea and right on the dividing line between the schist soils of the mountains and the limestone soil that was raised from the sea when the Pyrenees were forming.

This means the wines have the benefit of two soil types: the schist which produces wines with mineral notes, some coffee and smoky aromas and scents of the garrique (those rocky outcropping laced with lavender and herbs) and the calcaire (limestone) which makes a wine with bouquets of fresh black currants, raspberries, and cherries. The Jougla St Chinian Ancestrale is made from Mourvedre (40%), Grenache (30%), and Syrah (30%).

It's dinner time! Don't forget the Jougla Ancestrale! - Cynthia Hurley

Domaine des Jougla St. Chinian Ancestrale 2007  

Domaine des Jougla St. Chinian Ancestrale 2007

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