The beautiful and well managed vinyards outside St. Emilion

"Bordeaux's beautiful baby - a tasting of more than 600 wines makes it clear - the 2005 vintage is a classic "Classic" is The Wine Spectator's highest category - 95-100}. The reds are some of the best I have tasted in my career, and they have unique character. They are rich and powerful, with loads of juicy opulent, ripe fruit and powerful tannins, yet they also have a wonderful freshness due to their bright crisp acidities. " James Suckling for The Wine Spectator

Yes, the 2005s are spectacular, but the affordable ones are disappearing fast. I went to Bordeaux and asked Jean-Luc Thunevin for a little inside advice on who was making really great wine and where to find an undiscovered gem that had not reached the huge prices being asked in Bordeaux. Thunevin's ideas are usually right on the money for me. He poured à Nos Amours and I was in Bordeaux Bliss.

Paul-Marie Morillon is the proprietor at Lafon Fourcat which is a very respectable Bordeaux Superieur wine. But it wasn't enough for Paul-Marie.

He's a passionate man; he decided to take his best juice and make a Grand Cru Classé wine using all of the techniques that Jean-Luc Thunevin employs to make his world class wines: strict selection of only the ripest and healthiest grapes and 100% new oak for ageing, and about fifty other things. He's not one to go halfway.

He named his wine à Nos Amours. These are the words exchanged by lovers wishing each other a long relationship. Although if you're shy, you don't have to say anything, just put the bottle on the table and the label will do the talking.

This wine is lush and opulent, soft, and yes, romantic. It's mostly Merlot, but there is also some Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec in it, too. The color is deep and rich and the blackberries course through your mouth. And, on top of all of this, à Nos Amours is a 2005.

2005 is the vintage that every Chateau owner wants to live long enough to see once in his lifetime. Flawless grapes matured into tight, little balls of blueish-blackish pungent juice. The fruit and the tannin melted together seamlessly. 2005 was the year when everything went right. And I haven't found anybody yet who doesn't believe this is Bordeaux's finest vintage.

à Nos Amours will age beautifully for five years. The wine is rare - only 235 cases were made. Kindle your passion tonight. - Cynthia Hurley

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Château Lafont Fourcat a Nos Amours  2005


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