Last Friday, in the New York Times, Eric Asimov did a piece on Pouilly Fuisse. He entitled his tasting report "Pouilly Fuisse: A Fallen Superstar Earns New Respect". For this tasting, the wine panel sampled 25 wines from Pouilly Fuisse. The panel's Number 1 wine, and in their opinion, the best value, was the "deliciously focused and refreshing" 2006 Marie-Antoinette from Jean-Jacques Vincent & Fils.

"While under-$25 Pouilly Fuisse of any quality may soon be a thing of the past, the Vincent family's 2006 Pouilly Fuisse Propriete Marie Antoinette - far less expensive than their excellent and esteemed bottlings under the 'Chateau de Fuisse' label - remains just such a bargain".
- David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate

Serena Sutcliffe, MW, has referred to JJ Vincent as "one of the most brilliant makers of white Burgundy". He is the owner/winemaker at the celebrated Chateau Fuisse, and also produces an outstanding line of artisanal "selections" under his own name. The Marie Antoinette is one of these wines.

This Pouilly Fuisse is grown in several parcels belonging to Vincent's two sisters, and the wine is named after his mother, Marie Antoinette Vincent. The soils of the different vineyards impart their own special characteristics into the wine. The stony soils of the Vergisson Vineyards provide the beautiful acidity, elegance and minerality, while the clay soils in the Fuisse vineyard give the wine its full-bodied structure and generous fruit character. The wine is vinified separately in small oak barrels. The wines are then blended by Vincent to achieve a well-balanced Pouilly Fuisse, combining all the wonderful characteristics of the different "terroirs". The result is this spectacular white Burgundy which will not break the wallet.

We have carried this wine for several vintages. For some reason, I had never tried it. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the 2005 and 2006 side by side. Given the incredible reception and "hype" of the 2005 vintage, I was surprised to discover I preferred the 2006 over the 2005. It is a terrific wine - I love it - and the quality is further enhanced by it's price. Also, I would make a recommendation when drinking this  wine: when I tried it, it was slightly chilled, but not too much. It was perfect. Served too chilled, it loses its wonderful complexity. I prefer to drink it less chilled, when it can reveal its true fruit flavors, minerality, and wonderfully full-bodied texture. (Consider the incredible sweet, complex flavors of a warmer tomato vs. a colder one.)

This wine can complement a variety of foods. Pair it with salmon, chicken, pasta, salads, scallops and soft cheeses.

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