A statement about the 2006 Il Viola:
"It is not to be missed"
Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

A Barolo-like wine for 1/2 the price!!

The region of Basilicata

Tenuta Le Querce are experts at producing excellent Aglianico, an ancient variety that grows best in the hills of Basilicata. Basilicata is one of Italy's most mountainous regions. Wine production is limited primarily to the slopes of Mount Vulture, in a relatively small area which has the ideal conditions for growing Aglianico. The Vulture area of Basilicata was awarded Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) status in 1971. The winemaking and drinking traditions in the area predate Rome.

Aglianico is certainly one of the greatest "undiscovered" wines of Italy. The lack of tourism and relative isolation of the area of Basilica has contributed to this fact. But the wines are great, and rather affordable as well.

Aglianico typically results in wines that are medium to full bodied, richly textured with firm tannins and chocolate-cherry notes. It has often been compared to Nebbiolo, specifically Barolos and Barbarescos, but can be enjoyed for half the price. Both Nebbiolo and Aglianico are late-ripening varietals, and really can only be grown successfully in limited areas.

Antonio Galloni, in his review of Tenuta Le Querce's Il Viola, stated, "Readers looking for a delicious Aglianico that won't break the bank need look no further than the 2006 Aglianico del Vulture Il Viola". My sentiments exactly!

If you have not yet tried Aglianico, this is the one to start with! If you already have, than you probably know how impressive the wines can be.


Tenuta le Querce Aglianico del Vulture Il Viola 2006  

Tenuta le Querce Aglianico del Vulture Il Viola 2006


Ruby color; spices, vanilla, berry and cherry aromas; harmonious and persistent.  more

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