A mini wine collection to get you through the holidays

Hey, Tom, help us out. What's the Thanksgiving wine this year? Burgundy? Bordeaux? Loire?

If Tom could do more than gobble, I'm sure he would say, there is no right answer to this question. You just need a wine that is seductive and ready to drink that will pique the taste buds of the one or two wine junkies at the table who depend on you to cough up some good stuff, but also a wine that will keep your teeth from grinding as you see it vacuumed up from a brimming Reidel belonging to someone who just commented,"You shouldn't waste your good stuff on me."

So Loire, Bordeaux, Burgundy, they all work. In fact, we can have it all.

Let me give you my idea for a great Turkey Day Wine Collection.

Let's face it - This is a long weekend with folks around for more than the big meal. It's easy to stock up now - just order up the Turkey Day Sampler while you have the time before the holiday rush.

#1: Three bottles Vouvray Sec 2006 from Domaine Vigneau Chevreau:

They're at the front door. They're swarming all over the kitchen. The kids are home and some kids you barely know. And, everybody's got to have a glass of wine, a teaser for the great stuff to come, but not a quaffer either, something with real flavors to get you in the mood.

This is Vouvray. This wine is crisp, dry, but not too dry. It is pale and gleaming like a topaz in a glass. This Vouvray is one of the best in the Loire. Domaine Vigneau Chevreau is biodynamique which means they don't use pesticides or chemicals.

When you have a glass of Cuvee Silex, lemons and minerals will burst from the glass. The flavors are pure. The grapes are hand-harvested and the grapes are carefully sorted to ensure that only the ripe, healthy grapes make it into the bottle. I think I need another glass. Right now!

#2: Three bottles Macon Solutre 2007 from Domaine Auvigue:

The soup is on. There is a pretty French Chardonnay in my glass from the Macon.

Macon is just south of the Cote d'Or, the origin of those pricey wines like Meursault and Puligny Montrachet. The Maconnais is actually part of Burgundy -- just not part of the Cote d'Or.

So you think you're tired of Chardonnay? Think again.

This is a French Chardonnay. Not heavy. Food loves it. Subtle, pure, ethereal and cleverly nuanced. You'll notice a little mineral and a little citrus with a dash of honey.

The turkey arrives. Dark, white meat, brussel sprouts or not, Rice? Where's the gravy? Who gets the legs? The table settles into harmonious chaos. The wine has turned to red.

#3: Three bottles Bourgueil 2006 from Domaine Jamet - a long time favorite

The smell of wood fires rises from my glass. This means Cabernet Franc to me. This is a Bourgueil from the Loire Valley which comes from 100% Cabernet Franc like its neighbor, Chinon. These two red wines are considered the most serious in the Loire.

Domaine Jamet comes from old vines on that charmed combination of clay and limestone soil. I love its medium-bodied cherry-berry taste and it teases the best out of a turkey.

We are into seconds now and the hooks and eyes are straining. But nobody is flagging and it's time to put something new into the glasses.

#4: Three bottles 2005 Bordeaux Cuvee Sereine from Chateau Roncheraie

We're pulling out all the stops and serving a 2005 Bordeaux. Why not? It's one of the affordable, great ones.

This is pure, fantastic Bordeaux from the best vintage that Bordeaux has ever produced. I could probably stop right there, but I'll romance a bit more.

Chateau La Roncheraie is a small domaine of 7 hectares (about 15 acres). Cuvee Sereine has bright, popping fruit with great balance and structure. The cepage of the wines is about 80% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and some Cabernet Franc for a beautiful aroma.

Sereine is aged in 20% new oak and 60% one-year-old wood and 20% two-year-old wood. The aroma is that of wild red fruits with a dash of vanilla, smoke, and leather. It has a finish that will linger in your mouth.

There you have it. The Turkey Day Wine Collection.

For Thanksgiving and beyond. Cynthia Hurley



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