It's hot-hot-hot - the perfect time of year to enjoy some spectacular refreshing whites. I love to uncork a bottle (or unscrew) the moment I get home from work. A crisp, light white is what I enjoy most while preparing dinner in the summertime. The food just tastes better.

Here are two whites that we think you will love! The first, Chateau de l'Hoste Blanc 2007, is a blend of 50% Semillon, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Sauvignon Gris, and 10% Muscadelle. Chateau de l'Hoste Blanc is located in the Entre-Deux-Mers region of France, 20km South East of Bordeaux. It showed beautifully, and was a huge hit at our in-store tasting last Saturday!

And, one of my personal favorites is the Pierre Boniface Apremont Vin de Savoie 2007.  In modern France, Savoie is part of the Rhone-Alps region. The wine is made from the Jacquere grape, an alpine varietal common in Savoie, which typically produces wines that are light, crisp and ethereal. Flavors remiscent of fruit, stones and flowers are common. This, too, was a customer favorite at a recent Saturday tasting.

"If the breath of spring could be bottled as a dry wine, it might resemble Pierre Boniface’s Apremont, a low-alcohol Alpine white from Savoie in eastern France. Light, aromatic and as citric as a just-picked grapefruit, Apremont is made from a rarely encountered grape, the Jacquère. Chill it lightly. Successive vintages could easily become perennial favorites." Howard Goldberg, The New York Times, describing the 2006 vintage.

If you want to try something new - the Apremont is a great place to start!!

These are 2 great wines to have on hand for the summertime!       

Château l'Hoste-Blanc Bordeaux Blanc 2007  

Château l'Hoste-Blanc Bordeaux Blanc 2007

Dry and crisp with a refreshing burst of citrus fruit followed by a richly textured mid-palate and good acidity. This wine has an elegance that belies its casual price. more
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Pierre Boniface Vin de Savoie Apremont 2007  

Pierre Boniface Vin de Savoie Apremont 2007

Made from the Jacquere grape, common in Savoie. The wine is crisp, fresh, light and elegant with flavors of ripe apple and melon. Pair with shellfish, seafood and fondue. more
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