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Chateau La Touche Muscadet 2010

The Refreshing Loire White at the Perfect Price
by Cynthia Hurley

Imagine a tall, thin, sweating bottle in your refrigerator - the perfect aperitif!

This is the perfect wine to have in your refrigerator: low-priced, low-alcohol, zippy acidity, and always refreshing when you want a cool glass of white.

And, just like the 2009, the 2010 vintage is a stunner in the Loire. Everybody is saying it: great acidity, great fruit, great balance, gorgeous ripeness. Yes, in 2010, Muscadet produced some truly great wines (no exaggeration). That's what the growers are saying.

Wine Spectator writes "France's Loire looks to have rare back-to-back strong vintages in the pipeline. The 2010 harvest appears to be a potentially outstanding follow-up to the excellent 2009 vintage."

Everyone I spoke to in the Loire felt that while 2009 was a wonderful ripe vintage the 2010s had better acidity. In white wines acidity is what makes the difference and between refreshing and crisp and just OK. It also magnifies the fruit. Acidity is a delicate thing to get just right but in 2010 that is what you get. A perfect day ending refresher at a no-holding-back price.

Wine Spectator further specifies, "[2010] Wines should be fresher in style than the concentrated 2009s, with brighter acidity."

And, you can probably have two bottles of this Muscadet for the price of one bottle of that Chardonnay you've been drinking.

Believe me, I'm never one to choose quantity over quality, and that's the beautiful thing about Chateau La Touche Muscadet - it is a stunning, crisp mouthful of grapefruit, passion fruit, flowers, and minerals for a very low price.

Muscadet isn't going to set off rockets in your mouth with a barrage of exploding oak bombs and floral and spice detonations, but somehow when you've parted with your last mussel or the last oyster has slithered down your gullet, you'll feel mighty satisfied. The food will somehow just taste better because of the long, tall one, trust me. Any type of seafood will get our amicable little Muscadet going.

Chateau La Touche is very dry with wonderful zippy acidity and crispness. This Muscadet has a bit of nervousness to it. There is some minerality and its lovely flavors of agrumes (a mélange of citrus) will probably persuade you to prick another cork and liberate some more juice. It happens all the time at my house.

The Muscadet vineyards are at the western edge of the Loire Valley close to the Atlantic Ocean. Muscadet comes from the Melon de Bourgogne grape (often called Muscadet). It is a cousin of Gamay, which is used to make Beaujolais. Muscadet has nothing to do with Muscat or Muscadelle.

The best Muscadet comes from the area called Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine. There are four cantons (communes) that can put Sevre-et-Maine on their labels and this is always something to look for.

The best Muscadet also has "sur lie" on the label. This means that the wine has been kept on its lees (mostly dead yeast and skins) throughout the winter after the harvest, before bottling. The thinking is that wine allowed to mingle with its lees will pick up extra richness from the lees, but also by leaving the wine in the same fermentation tank with the lees, the carbon dioxide released during the fermentation will give the wine some nerviness and crispness. Sur lie Muscadet is not fined or filtered.

Do you want to know another great thing about Muscadet? It's low in alcohol. That means you can drink more of it, which is what usually happens with this Muscadet. Cynthia Hurley

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Chateau La Touche Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2010

Chateau La Touche is very dry with wonderful zippy acidity and crispness. This Muscadet has a bit of nervousness to it. There is great minerality and lovely flavors of agrumes (a mélange of citrus). more




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