Château Lafite Rothschild

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At Lafite, time stands still. The grapevines live long - some live 80 years long - in the deep gravel Gironde landscape, thriving through the labor of Man's hand. While each plot of vineyard awaits its maturity, macerates and ferments a single type of grapevine, while the tannins become balanced, and the wine slowly separates from its sediment: weeks, months, and then years of aging bring out the almond, violet, and bilberry aromas, as well as woody and spicy fragrances, so that this red wine renders its intricate bouquet to the eye and palate. Ever since the King's Wine of King Louis XV, monarchs have come and gone... but the exquisite vintages of Lafite Fine Wines make History. Visit the Château Lafite Rothschild website.
The climatic year was marked by an exceptional heat wave the first fortnight of August with temperatures exceeding 40°C together with low rainfall throughout the vegetative cycle. When tasted during the 'Futures', the wine proved to be particularly rich, intense and unctuous with nice rounded tannins that offered a convivial ... more



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The terrible battle against fungus was won through use of fungicides, after a hot and dry summer and September that let the grapes mature. The 1988s are deeply colored Cabernets and Merlots, powerfully structured and tannic. more



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