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Jacopo Poli Sarpa di Poli Grappa

Jacopo Poli Sarpa di Poli Grappa

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In the Venetian dialect Sarpa means vinaccia or the grape solids that are used to make grappa. Sarpa di Poli is made by distilling the marcs of 2 grape varietals: Cabernet (40%) and Merlot (60%), from the hills of Bassano. It has a delicate, floral bouquet, slightly fragranced with juniper ... more


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Germain-Robin Grappa Zinfandel

Germain-Robin Grappa Zinfandel

"Our grappas are soft and full, with absolutely none-ZERO-of the kerosene flavor that gives ordinary grappa a bad reputation. Because we use wonderful (and expensive) premium grapes such as viognier, merlot, muscat, and zinfandel, Germain-Robin grappas are flowery, complex, and smooth. Try them against the fancy grappas made by Nonino ... more



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