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Macallan Estate Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Macallan Estate Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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A rich and complex whisky containing rare spirit distilled from our home grown barley, selected for its unique character. The Macallan Estate delivers a subtle hint of citrus which balances the traditional sherried richness, resulting in a complex single malt with an extraordinarily long finish. Estate offers a unique opportunity to experience rare spirit made from our precious estate-grown barley and honours the birthplace of every bottle of The Macallan. Color: Conker, chestnut hue. Aroma: Warm, comforting and homely notes of cinnamon. Wood spice and orange oil, opening into dried fruits with a sweet lemon, banana and caramel. Palate: Soft and warming with wood spice, opening into a dry oak flavour spiked with candied raisin and fresh fig. Moving into a sweet fresh orange and delicate fresh citrus. Finish: A sweet citrus twist.
Category Single Malt Scotch
Region United Kingdom, Scotland
Brand Macallan
Proof 86.00