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Sokol Blosser Evolution Red 750ml
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Sokol Blosser Evolution Red

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Notes of dark berries and cloves with a velvety finish. Pairs well with ribs, lamb, stews, turkey and gourmet pizzas. Thirteen years after 'advancing the entire wine universe a notch or two' with Evolution White, Sokol Blosser introduced its worthy companion... Evolution Red. Fans of Evolution White have been clamoring for its red counterpart since day one. So, why now? It's about time. Simple as that. Anyone with any knowledge of science will tell you that evolution doesn't happen overnight. In fact, in the scheme of things, 13 years is half a blink of an eye. Evolution Red is a complex, red wine created from an unexpected blend of varietals - syrah, montepulciano, sangiovese, and our secret ingredient - a bit of Evolution White. One sip and you'll agree this soft and balanced wine with notes of dark berries and cloves, which finishes in velvet is exceptional among the red blends available today. Evolution Red pairs best with all kinds of meat (smoked, herbed), ribs, lamb, stews, turkey and even some pizzas.