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Lucashof Riesling QbA 2011 750ml
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Lucashof Riesling QbA 2011

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Category White Wine
Region Germany, Pfalz
Brand Lucashof
Owned by Christine Lucas sister to Nik Weis, produces outstanding Riesling from important vineyard sites in the Pfalz.This estate was established over fifty years ago and has a much warmer climate than the Mosel with different soil. The resultant wines tend to be drier in style with a little bit higher alcohol levels. It is located in the Rhine valley and protected to the North and the West by the Hunsrueck Mountains. That's what makes the climate there almost Mediterranean. The soil is heavier and less stony than in the Mosel. They don't have slate like in the Mosel, they have vulcanic, glacial and river sediments. That's why the wines are not as mineral but due to the warmer climate more full bodied than the wines in the Mosel. In general they have less acidity and more of a roundness. The flavours of their Rieslings are more on the peachy side than on the grapefruit side, as they are in Mosel wines.

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