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L'Effet Papillon Cotes Catalan Blanc 2019
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L'Effet Papillon Cotes Catalan Blanc 2019

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Marjorie Gallet and her husband Stéphane moved to the Roussillon in 2000. It was there Marjorie worked a few months with Gérard Gauby. What she learned from him went beyond science: he taught her a winemaking philosophy.

Stéphane took over the technical management of a famous estate in Maury while Marjorie went looking for vines for their estate project. There were a few parcels in Roussillon that reminded Marjorie a lot of Côte-Rôtie. One in particular was planted on a vein of quartz: a white-soil hill surrounded by black schists. The lieu-dit was called Roc Blanc (French for « white rock ») due to this picturesque, natural vein of quartz.

“Le Roc des Anges” stemmed from this duality.

The two farm their vineyard biodynamically, which encourages deep root penetration, and the cultivation of a high leaf canopy allows for great photosynthesis and good shade for the grapes. Every grape at Roc des Anges is picked by hand, at the coolest parts of the day, and are kept cool all the way into the press. From there, the effect of the mineral soil takes over, providing that great finesse and freshness in every wine. The wines are incredible fresh, with great fruit, vibrant minerality and a beautiful bouquet of aromas. Every year, we are excited to see what Marjorie and Stéphane have in store for us.