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Gabriel Boudier Creme de Framboise
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Gabriel Boudier Creme de Framboise

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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region France
Brand Gabriel Boudier
Alcohol/vol 20%
This liqueur is made from raspberries from Scotland and Burgundy. A small dose of raspberry brandy is added to the raspberries while they are being macerated in alcohol. It is important to note that raspberries macerate to a much lesser degree than cassis (blackcurrants) because the fruit is more delicate. It is advisable not to "cook" the raspberries with too high a degree of alcohol in order to avoid jammy or baked flavours rather than the taste of fresh fruit. We should not forget that even during maceration, the cell of the fruit is still a living material. This mildly sweetened liqueur retains the most delicate aromas of raspberry.