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Corner Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey 10yr 750ml
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Corner Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey 10yr

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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Corner Creek

The enigmatic Corner Creek brand was bottled for years at a famous little family-owned distillery in Bardstown. Recently the brand moved production to the Kentucky Artisan Distillery in Crestwood production and relaunched with this new 10-year-old expression. The source is a secret, but there's no question that Corner Creek has the connections to find some seriously delicious bourbon and this new expression is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous no-age-stated Corner Creek. They've selected their choicest stocks for this product and bottled them without chill-filtration. Even at 88 proof, this bourbon exhibits great richness and texture, wonderful depth, and a believable balance. This is the sort of bourbon that appeals to the most novice drinker (due to its approachable character) but will be interesting enough to satisfy even the most jaded bourbon nut. Please note that due to the lack of filtration you'll notice some haziness in the whiskey. This is completely normal and means your bourbon is packed with flavor. K&L is the only store in California selling this exceptional offering.