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Absolut Kurant Vodka 1L
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Absolut Kurant Vodka



Category Flavored Vodka
Region Sweden
Brand Absolut
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Absolut Kurant is made from black currant, a distant cousin to the grape. It is a fragrant dark berry that grows on shrubs of up to six feet in height. Absolut Kurant has a distinct character of black currant, with a hint of tartness and sweetness.
Wine Enthusiast
  • we96-100

The tart, bitter black currant bouquet is stunning right from the beginning whiffs; time serves to deepen the black currant concentration to cassis-like. Crisp, tart flavor is razor sharp and clean; at midpalate, there's an oily quality to the texture that underscores the racy, zesty, black currant flavor. Ends up ripe, fruity. Kurant is the unequivocal prototype for all berry-flavored vodkas.

July 1, 2004