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Blanton's Bourbon Combo 3-Pack
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Blanton's Bourbon Combo 3-Pack

3 pack 750ml
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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Blanton's

This 3 Pack Bourbon Combo includes:

1 Bottle - 750ml Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

1 Bottle - 750ml Game of Thrones House Stark Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost

1 Bottle - 750ml Game of Thrones House Tully Singleton of Glendullan Select Scotch Whisky   

Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey A spicy aroma of Dried Citrus and Orange Peels with a hint of Caramel and Vanilla. Full and soft palate, marked by a mix of Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Orange, and Cloves. Muted but well balanced with Vanilla, Honey, and Citrus finish. Best Served straight, on ice, or used in a premium cocktail.

Game of Thrones House Stark Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost  Together in alliance with Daenerys is Jon Snow who died, comes back alive and becomes the King of the North. So it's no surprise that it took Dalwhinnie, one of the highest situated distilleries in all of Scotland to create Winterfell's whisky. "It's cold and remote much like Winterfell (the home of the Starks). We really wanted to have a whisky and a region that also matched the value of each house." Dan explains.

Game of Thrones House Tully Singleton of Glendullan Select Scotch Whisky House Tully's ancestral keep, Riverrun, spans the junction of the Red Fork of the Trident and the Tumblestone River. Ruling as Lord of the Riverlands, under the house sigil of a silver trout flashing above the rushing water, House Tully embodies the surge of the rivers among which they live. With the determination of river waters that never cease moving, they formed powerful alliances and fight against the current for family, duty and honor. Situated on the banks of the River Fiddich in the wooded hills of Dufftown, Glendullan originally relied on the waters that surrounded it. Harnessing the force of the waters that flowed through the land, it utilized a water wheel to power the entire distillery. Best served with a splash of water, this Scotch has notes of green apple, honey and sweet vanilla and finishes dry and clean.