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Sonoma Brothers Distilling Bourbon Whiskey
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Sonoma Brothers Distilling Bourbon Whiskey

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Sonoma Brothers Distilling is an artisan craft distillery, focusing on handcrafted spirits. Each spirit is artisanally crafted at our distill from grain to glass, or fruit to glass in small 200L batches with our homemade Arnold Holstein copper pot still.

Sonoma Brother Distilling was founded by twin brothers, Chris and Brandon Matthies. As twin brothers born and raised in Sonoma County they founded the distillery with a passion to bring spirits to the region best known for wine. Along with running their craft distillery, Chris and Brandon serve the community as a firefighter and police officer. They embrace that same dedication to make only the finest handcrafted spirits.

This bourbon starts with an all natural GMO-free corn, wheat, and specialty malted barley. Sonoma Brothers then meticulously selects only the finest quality spirit during the distillation process to place in new American oak casks. This complex bourbon has notes of cherry oak, dried fruits, spicy vanilla, and caramel.

Proof: 88.4