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Asombroso Vintage Anejo 11 year old
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Asombroso Vintage Anejo 11 year old

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Category Anejo
Region Mexico
Brand Asombroso
The taste of this two-decade plus gestation (10 year growth and 11 year aging), is like no other tequila. The initial nose has a sweet intensity, with hints of butterscotch and caramel; as you inhale you get hints of honey and oak and a bit of cinnamon. Your initial taste is warming to the throat with an agave hint, but no bitterness. Your subsequent sips reveal a smooth oakiness with a short but sweet finish. To be called Anejo, tequila must be aged at least one year in oak barrels 600 liters or smaller. Extra Anejo is a relatively new category and requires the tequila to be rested at least three years in oak barrels not larger than 600 liters. And, from its inception, to be called AsomBroso, its Anejo had to be aged at least FIVE years. Its five-year maturation in relatively new French Oak casks gives AsomBroso its storied aroma, flavor profile and award-winning taste.