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chill-n-go Bag 2 Bottle with W&S World Bottle
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chill-n-go Bag 2 Bottle with W&S World


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Brand chill-n-go
This is the original patented Two Bottle Insulated Wine Bag commonly recognized as the precursor of all insulated bags used in the wine world today. Classic styling with Velcro positive insulating seal; two pockets inside - one holds provided chill pack, the other for a corkscrew. Originally conceived for taking wine to a picnic, the use of this bag has developed just as the world of wine has - still perfect for picnics, it also works well for taking wine to a restaurant or an evening with friends. Alternatively, throw in a bottle of water, sandwich and chillpack - you're good for a day at the office. As with all chill-n-go® wine professional bags, the Two Bottle Bag is carefully hand crafted using quality components. This adherence to rigid standards ensures both the aesthetic and functional longevity of the bag.

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