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Kumesen Distillery Makoto Single Grain 23 Year Old Japanese Whisky 2019 23 year old 750ml
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Kumesen Distillery Makoto Single Grain 23 Year Old Japanese Whisky 2019 23 year old


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Category Whiskey
Origin Japan, Okinama
Brand Kumesen Distillery
Alcohol/vol 42%
Proof 84.00

Super limited 23 year old Japanese Whisky embodying the honesty of the samurai. Bushido Series.

Chances are you've already stumbled upon the term "Bushido", for which this series of Japanese Whiskies is named. It roughly translates to "The Way of the Warrior" and is most often used in regard to the code of the samurai. It typically honors 7 virtues and Bushido Series Whisky has taken it upon themselves to practice the very same 7 ideals, each one reflected in a corresponding bottle. This way they are paying homage to rich Japanese tradition as well as having enough wiggle room to show exactly how much the Japanese Whisky masters have to offer. The ones that have thus far been released are a blast — which should come as no surprise, since they are distilled in the famous Kumesen Distillery from Okinawa. 

While acknowledging their Scottish inspiration, these guys aim to bring age statement Japanese Whisky back with a bang and have so far been knocking it out of the park, with plenty of awards to show for it. The Land of the Rising Sun has a specific edge — and not just that of the katana — their water is a crystal clear base and their colder winters and warmer summers result in a quicker and deeper maturation. Then there's the Japanese people, known for their lifelong pursuit of perfection. We'd be hard pressed to find a better home for a proper Whisky to grow up in.

"Makoto" means "honesty and sincerity" and is one of the 7 virtues of the samurai. Doing and speaking are the same action for a warrior. They don’t need to give their word nor promise — what they say is as good as done. Not a bad guideline to follow today as well and definitely one that would make the whole world a better place. And a perfect virtue for Makoto Single Grain 23YO Japanese Whisky, aged in ex-Bourbon casks to embody. Nothing left to add but "cheers", or as our Japanese brethren would say: Kanpai!

Tasting notes:

Appearance / ColorMahogany

Nose / Aroma / SmellGinger and spice with a distant buttery caramel and woody notes.

Flavor / Taste / PalateDark chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, lemon candy, sweet melted caramel.

FinishHeavy sweetness with long-lasting notes of licorice.

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