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Joto Sake Junmai “The Green One" 720ml
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Joto Sake Junmai “The Green One"

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Category Sake
Origin Japan, Tohuku, Yamagata
Brand Joto

Sake rice’s starches are concentrated in the center of the grain. The first step to making sake is to mill or “polish” the rice to get rid of the fats and proteins. The more the rice is polished the cleaner, lighter, fruitier and more refined the sake will be. Most Junmai is made with rice that is milled to 70% or less of its original size.

Joto Junmai is made by the Eiko Fuji Brewery, led by the 13th generation of the Kato family. True to the classic junmai style, it is rich and solid, but it is more inviting with its clean, fruity quality.

TASTING NOTE: Fruitier and cleaner than many junmais, which lean earthy and dry. Still solid and rich, with notes of deep, ripe plum. Finishes with crisp acidity.

FOOD PAIRING: Serve chilled or at room temperature. Pair with many foods, but especially nutty cheeses, ramen, and grilled pork.

Region: Yamagata

Grade: Junmai

Seimaibuai: 75%

Nihonshudo: +7.5

Rice: Dewa-No-Sato

Yeast: Local Yamagata

Pressing: Yabuta

Brewery: Fuji

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