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Clase Azul Mezcal Durango 750ml
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Clase Azul Mezcal Durango



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Category Mezcal
Origin Mexico
Brand Clase Azul
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Character, distinction, and beauty in one piece. Clase Azul Mezcal Durango is made from Cenizo Agave, an agave varietal that grows wild in the state of Durango in Northern Mexico. The combination of mineral-rich soil and water from natural springs give it a distinctive and smoky character with complex flavor notes. The distillation process faithfully follows artisanal methods to create a unique profile and pays tribute to the ancient mezcal tradition. TASTING NOTES: Bright crystalline with silver sparkles. Medium body. Aromas of citrus and herbal, green olive, cooked agave, and cloves. Flavors of peanut, brown sugar, honey, wood, chocolate, and notes of ripe fruit. Pair with fatty fish and shellfish (scallops, lobster, shrimp, octopus, salmon, tuna, and mahi mahi) cooked with sweet and sour sauces (tamarind and mango). Melba bread with avocado and aged cheeses (grana padano, parmesan, or pecorino romano). Ruby or white chocolate with salted nuts, mango, or citrus jam.

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