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Junmai Daiginjo 'Hina - The Gentleman' Sake 720ml
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Junmai Daiginjo 'Hina - The Gentleman' Sake


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Category Daiginjo
Origin Japan

It is a sake of remarkable clarity, a soft approach, and a light, spritzy citrus finish. Typically drier and lighter than most Junmai Daiginjo but with surprising depth. Light, clean flavor, citrusy finish. Prominent grapefruit aromas, medium-light body, clean flavors, more citrus on the finish. Raw oysters, fatty fish like tuna and bonito, lighter salads, raw squid.

  • Brewery: Hamakawa Shoten
  • Prefecture: Kochi
  • Rice: Yamada Nishiki Rice milled to 45%
  • Yeast: Kochi Yeast (AA-41)
  • Water: Subterranean Nahari River water (soft)
  • Sake Meter Value*: +3
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • ABV: 15-16%

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